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Systems for protection of field instrumentation

INTERTEC™ has designed and shipped over half a million enclosures since 1965, to protect equipment operating in the most demanding operating conditions on Earth - from Arctic regions to the hottest desert.

Protect options:

  • Freeze protection
  • Condensation protection
  • Temperature regulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Explosion proof
  • Corrosive atmospheres or media
  • Ingress protection
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Solar/UV radiation
  • Impacts
  • Unauthorized access
  • wind/blast/seismic force
  • ...

RACI company is also able to offer its customers contemporary, proven and robust equipment to extend the life of instrumentation and to minimise plant down-time, i.e. enclosures, cabinets and shelters made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) to protect instrumentation against freezing, condensation, corrosion and solar radiation. A wide palette of heaters for instrument enclosures and protective cabinets is also available, which are designed to provide freeze protection, prevent condensation and maintain constant temperature even in hazardous areas.

RACI offers its customers consulting, delivery and installation of systems for protection of field instrumentation of world-wide renowned producer INTERTEC.

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