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Inspection body

A part of RACI d.o.o. is also inspection body Kontrolni organ RACI. The field of work of the inspection body is additional value to execution of measurements and comprises inspection of automated measuring systems (for measurement of emission and in processes) according to SIST EN 14181 as well as inspection of potrable gas analyzers.

Inspection of automated measuring system can include:

  • inspection of measuring site,
  • functionality test of the system,
  • calibration of automated measuring system with parallel measurements with standard reference methods,
  • inspection of validity of calibration function.

These four quality assurance levels, requested by EN 14181, follow a logical sequence to demonstrate the suitability of the AMS, its correct installation, commissioning, and calibration, followed by procedures to ensure a continuing and correct operation.

Inspection of portable gas analyzers comprises a simplified functionality test of the analyzer and adjustment of the analyzer if requested by the customer.

Inspection body is accredited according to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 by Slovenska Akreditacija as inspection body type C and is authorised by the Ministry for environment and spatial planning (Authorisation No. 35421-1/2016-2) to perform calibrations and annual surveillance tests of automated measuring systems for emission of substances into the atmosphere as well as by Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy (Authorization No. UP/I-351-02/19-08/08) to perform inspection of automated measurement systems for emissions (provjera ispravnosti mjernog sustava za kontinuirano mjerenje emisija onečišćujićih tvari u zrak iz nepokretnih izvora).

 Annex to the Accreditation certificate of Kontrolni organ RACI (PDF file, 0.1Mb)

 Accredited inspections of Kontrolni organ RACI (PDF file, 14Kb)

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