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NEW PRODUCT: ENOTEC ENSITU® 7000 O2 for small sized boiler and furnace applications

Decades of experience in design and construction of highest quality analyzers have resulted in the ENSITU® 7000, a budget friendly O2 transmitter probe, made by ENOTEC.

The ENSITU® 7000 works out of the box, needing no calibration or instrument air supply. ENSITU® 7000 measures InSitu: diffusion takes place through the large filter with v-shield. Flue gas extraction and conditioning is not necessary.

 ENSITU® 7000 Product information

NEW! Portable gas detectors GAS SENSE

Portable gas detectors GAS SENSE are designed to measure explosive and toxic gases. Different models measure relative or absolute concentration of combustible gases, toxic gases, refrigerants and oxygen.

Portable gas detectors are available in three series GS-500, GasSense-1000 and GasSense-1000.L. All models are equipped with highly sensitive sensor elements, LCD display for visualization of readings, convenient and easy to navigate menu.

More information

NEW! Domestic gas detectors

Domestic gas detectors H-220 monitoring the concentration of combustible gases, volatile organic solvents and carbon monoxide and alarm light and sound when the maximum permitted levels are reached.

Depending on the detected gas domestic gas detectors series H-220 are available in the following models: H-220-CH4 - methane, H-220-LPG - LPG, H-220-IAQ - indoor air quality, H -220-CO - for carbon monoxide.

More information


BÜHLER’s portable sample probes Smartline are ideal in combination with PCS.smart condition system for periodical measurement or service purpose. Probes are/have:
- Self-regulating or temperature-controlled heated
- Built-in, heated filter element
- Low weight
- Reduced maintenance
- Stack mounting possible
- Tool-less filter element change
- Space-saving version for sampling with high moisture content
- Option: Test gas function option on input end
- Option: Transport case

More information: Smartline Instructional manual EN


Carrying out accurate and reliable gas analyses in changing locations requires a small, compact gas conditioning system. BÜHLER developed a complete sample gas conditioning system protected inside a case for this application. The basic version of this system consists of a gas cooler with condensate pump and a filter. A gas pump, moisture detector, flow meter or temperature controller are optional.

More information: PCS smart Datasheet EN and PCS smart Instruction manual EN.

NEW SCENTROID Flying Laboratory DR1000

The Scentroid DR1000 consists of a flying laboratory and a commercial drone. The DR1000 can be used to sample and analyze ambient air at heights of up to 150 meters above ground level that was previously impossible to accomplish.

Air quality mapping, model verification, analysis of potentially dangerous sites are all made possible by this novel innovation.

 Brochure Scentinal Flying Laboratory DR1000+
(PDF file, 0.9Mb),

NEW Scentinal SL50

Scentinal SL50 is a simultaneous ambient pollutant and odour emission monitoring system based on high accuracy (ppb level) sensing technology. Scentinal can provide continuous monitoring of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2 as well as non-odorous gases such as CO2 and Methane. Scentinal uses up to 20 sensing modules ranging from Photo-Ionization Detector, Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector, Electro-Chemical Cell, Laser Scattered Counter and Metal Oxide Sensors. All data is stored locally and sent to the central server accessible by the user. The Sensor Information Management System is used to not only store and display monitoring results but also provide remote configuration, calibration, and diagnosis of multiple Scentinal units.

 Brochure Scentinal SL50 (PDF file, 5 Mb),


Scentroid OdoTracker is a wearable multi-sensor device that measures the concentrations of two chemicals in ambient air at the same time. The chemicals to be measured by the device are specified at the time of ordering. For example the user may specify the measurement of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in ppb level and Ammonia (NH3) in ppm level. The wearable instrument logs the chemical measurements as well as temperature and humidity of the sample, GPS location and automatically transfers all data to the user’s supplied smart Android device via Bluetooth.

 Brochure Scentinal OdotrackerTR8 and PolutrackerTR8+ (PDF file, 1.8Mb),

NEW Gasmet DX 4000 Portable Emissions Measuring System

The Gasmet™ DX 4000 Portable Emissions Measuring System incorporates all the benefits of an FTIR CEM system into a portable package. By combining hot extractive sampling and a high-performance FTIR gas analyser components such as HF, HCl, NH3, N2O, formaldehyde and others can be measured continuously in harsh conditions. Gasmet™ analysers are developed and manufactured by Gasmet Technologies, the leading company in FTIR emissions monitoring applications.

More information:  The Gasmet™ DX 4000 Portable Emissions Measuring System

Finalists of Werner von Siemens prize

Company RACI d.o.o. has set an emission monitoring system in LEK Menge¹ plant to monitor operation of a new boiler to produce steam. Besides natural gas, also waste solvents are being used to produce steam.

By using this approach, approximately million cubic meters of gas per year are saved and costs of waste removal and disposal are significantly decreased.

With this project, company LEK, part of Sandoz, in coorperation with RACI became finalist of Werner von Siemens prize.

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